Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

If you haven't owned costume jewelry before, welcome! And if you have, it doesn't hurt to refresh on tips to keep your jewelry looking like new. We hope these little tricks will help you keep our accessories looking fresh. The general rule is, costume jewelry should be put on last and taken off first to avoid tarnishing. 

After Care Tips:

- Avoid wetting jewelry with any water, lotions, perfumes, or other moist chemicals.

When getting ready, apply your body moisturizers and perfumes and put on your jewelry before stepping out.  

- Do not use soap and water or jewelry cleaner. A simple wipe down with a tissue will help after a day/night out.

- Always keep dry and away from humidity. 

- When jewelry is not worn, please keep in a jewelry box or pouch. 

- If possible, only clean with products made especially for costume jewelry.